av Negnat (N)

British shorthair cattery specializing in
colourpoints and golden shaded British Shorthair

About me

My name is Jorunn and I am the owner of a cattery of British Shorthair

in Bergen, Norway.


In 1983 I started breeding with a sealpoint Persian and

thereafter a Blue Point Persian.

They lived for 11 years and gave me 3 wonderful litters.

After some years with our own "two-legged" children, the miss of cats was too heavy

and the choice between British Shorthair or Exotic was not easy.

Then the British Shorthair came into my life after one year of waiting for the right one,

when a kitten from the famous cattery in Sweden, who was the origin of

CP breeding in Scandinavia (S*Triestinas) arrived our home.

Leonora, born in 1998 was a girl who was sealtortiepoint.

She was the origin of my breeding.