av Negnat (N)

British shorthair cattery specializing in
colourpoints and golden shaded British Shorthair


GIC GB*Windymeadow Yours Truly, BRI c2133

Born 25.05.11, PKD negative, bloodtype A, HD normal both hips

HCM negative 18.06.2013

(co-owned with Torill Odland (N) Rakkerfanten's)


Moncy is living with my daughter


Thank you so much Karen Holloway (WIndymeadow British Shorthair) for this wonderful boy. We are so proud of him and love him dearly!

He is having a wonderful life with my daughter and her boyfriend, who loves him dearly!








CH Margery's Archibald Blue vom Wernerwald, BRI a

Born 30.03.12. Bloodtype A. PKD negative

HCM negative October 2013

(co-owned with Linda Sandven Kaarbø (Fanatrollet), Torill Odland (N) Rakkerfantens)

Thank you so much Kerstin Sternstein (Cattery vom Wernerwald) for this lovely boy in a promising development.